Do Small Business Grants For Women Exist?

The US economy over the past few years has been tough on everyone and it may not seem like the best of times to start up a new company. But, when jobs are scarce, the entrepreneurial among us follow our passions and DO start up companies at a time just like this! Entrepreneurs recognize opportunities and are not afraid of some risk, in return for rewards down the road.

If you are a woman, just starting up a company, or you are trying to expand your already existing company, then you may want to look into some of the many small business grants for women that are still available.

However, there is a misconception about federal government grants for business. US government agencies do not give grant money directly to businesses and individuals for startup. That being said, the government does routinely give out grant money–to states and local communities. The state and community projects, funded by the federal grant funds, can mean money to your business, in the way of contracts and sub-contracts.

The government knows that the most affordable way to create more jobs is to create a climate where small businesses can access money to grow and thrive. If you are a woman owned company, then you are in luck. Many state, and local governments all have programs available that provide small business grants for women who own either part or the whole of their business.

Private foundations and non-profit organizations may have grants available for women-owned businesses in your state or local area. The funds may be matching funds or may be issued in some other way.

If you come to a website that promises they will get you a grant, be careful. There are grants and loans for women entrepreneurs but you may or may not qualify, based on a variety of factors.

However, if you are willing to adapt your business model to the specifications of the grant, then you may be to reap the benefits. Also, keep in mind that grants are not paid back. They are not loans – they are funds given to your company, which you will use to fulfill a particular requirement of the grant. Whether that is create more jobs, or just complete a project, you must comply with the grant in order to receive the money.

That being said, however, getting small business grants for women owned enterprises is a great way to make a move up to the next level with your business. Whether you are just starting up or you have been in business for years and want to start growing, now is the time to go find your grant.

How to Apply For a Small Business Grant

3 Secrets To Get The Money You Need

Thousands of small business owners, or aspiring entrepreneurs have heard about small business grants, but may have wondered or even asked the question, “How do I apply for a small business grant?”

In this article, I will reveal to you the three secrets you must know when you apply for a grant.

Before I tell you about that however, allow me to address one major concern carried by many business people looking for information about grants. That is, “are grants legitimate, or some big scam perpetrated by some savvy marketing types?

In short, both. There are indeed thousands of grants available to small business owners for starting a business or taking the business you have to the next level.

But, there are also marketers pitching programs that will be very little use to you in getting a grant. This is not to say that all “grant helper” companies are scams. They are not. Some of them are simply better equipped to actually help you get a grant than others.

Finding a reputable company to help you get a grant may actually be a very shrewd step, as such a company already knows what needs to be done, what forms need to be completed, etc. For a few dollars, this may prove to not only be a huge timesaver for you, but may actually mean the difference in getting a grant, or not getting the money you want.

Now, here are the three secrets you must know when you want to apply for a small business grant.

1. Many federal grants are administered at the state level. The Small Business Administration for example, does not give grants directly to small business owners (although they do give loans). They do give grants however, to larger organizations, many of them at the state level, who in turn give local grants (or in some cases, very low interest loans).

It is important to think beyond the federal level when looking for a grant.

2. Have your ducks in a row. This doesn’t mean you need a 500 page business plan, but you should have a basic business plan, wherein you can demonstrate aptitude and an idea that will sell the agency. A good grant development company will help you develop what you need.

3. Apply. That’s a secret?! Well, yes it is. The reason why most grant seekers never find a grant is because they don’t apply.

Small Business Grant Writing

Nowadays, small business grant writing has become more popular because businesses are able to realize, that it is not easy for them to get funded without any help from grant writers. Any form of businesses — small or large — that seeks funding from an agency in the government or a private industry is required to write a grant proposal. A grant proposal is far more likely to be accepted if it is well composed and presented and brief and highly feasible.

There are a lot of businesses that are willing to invest in employing their staff to join in any grantsmanship workshop that will enhance their skills, on how to create good and powerful proposals. It is even wiser for these organizations to acknowledge small business grant writing, instead of sending their staff to join such trainings or workshops. Small business grant writing is available and powered by professionals who are knowledgeable enough, on how to get businesses the funding that they need, by presenting a grant proposal.

The grant writer will develop ideas that will help the proposal to be recognized and taken seriously. Any idea or information should be turned into feasible concepts by a good small business grant writing agency before going to the process of documenting it, in its proper format. Some writers will just use the information that has been given by businesses without checking, if the information has some lapses and are unreliable, just for them to get the approval they need for funding.

Professional grant writers for hire recognize the vital importance of the community during the process because the community will act as a key determining factor for funding approval. If a community finds the project to be good, then there is a great possibility that the funding will be approved especially if, the organization that grants the funding is a federal one.

Small organizations comprise the majority of business that request grant funding. It is necessary to know if any of them are trying to get funding for a similar project. Grant writing firms are tasked to do this kind of work, they will figure out if there are other similar projects presented by other businesses. This work saves the business time and resources. These are just a few of the advantages of having small business grant writers. Businesses may find it cheaper not to hire any grant writers but will later on find out that, hiring one is worth it. Small business grant writers can be found on the internet.

West Virginia Small Business Grants

West Virginia business grant makes it very easy on the owners of small business from all the angles of life to succeed and to innovate. A person may be looking for the grants in West Virginia for various reasons like child care, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, technology and environmental management. There are varieties of choices available for a person to run the business and also to get the required help. The sources for the financial support in West Virginia are more customary than the earlier situation and give millions of dollars every year to the business owners who are well deserved.

One of the very famous West Virginia business grants arrives from the federal government. But, in contrary, many of the federal sponsored grants are available to the other businesses apart from those not for profit enterprises. The Small Business Innovation Research – SBIR and the Small Business Technology Transfer – STTR grants yearly award $1 billion towards research and development resources and contracts to the small businesses for the development of new products and the services of technology based. These grants remain funding sent into the economy of West Virginia and permit the state to remain on the critical edge of novelty in the business. The website of SBIR contains all the details pertaining to procedure for applying.

Idea Cafe is an organization run privately. It motivates creativity and impel from its collection of applicants. The vision at Idea Cafe is that the entrepreneur of the small business takes care of the economy. To assist in developing every business of the winner, Idea Cafe gives $1000 as prize to many of the stirring owners of the business. There are no restrictions on the applicants regarding the status of the business as profit in Idea Cafe like any other grants sponsored by the government. There is no necessity that the applicant should be charitable enterprise to take advantage from the kindness of Idea Cafe. Idea Cafe has given out around 9 grants from 2001 and also has offered hundred of various other business grants in West Virginia. The website is available and any one can join freely in it and can get the listing of grant and also can apply for the grant.

If the business is meant for promoting the advertising projects that encourages the trade of tourism for West Virginia, while also rationalizing as an attraction, then this business will get qualified for the MAPP – Matching Advertising Partnership Program. The keyword for this is matching. It means that the entrepreneur has to demonstrate some of the competence at the private fund developing so as to get the awareness of the grant program. But, with the MAPP, one can possible get the reimbursement for the complete funds for the project. For applying, one should first give consideration to the quantity of money that is required for the project. The applications can be availed for the grant ranging from $5000 to $10000 and also for more amounts.

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